The Year of the Short Story I have a long history of writing short fiction when it concerned fandom (AKA fanfiction drabbles, oneshots, etc.), but I never felt much pull to writing original short fiction until more recently. This year I made it a goal to get better, to learn from the talented work of others, and ultimately earn a pro sale. And I did! “Caesura” was my first pro sale, and I couldn’t be happier about the story finding a home and an audience. More importantly, through this process, I uncovered a deep and abiding love for the medium of short story writing itself,Read More →

Here we are, folks. You, me, the end of the world. I mean, the end of December. (God, I hope I only mean December, although after the year we’ve been having, who knows, right?) Ahaha, nothing like a little dark humor to start off this eligibility post and keep the existential dread of the future away, amirite? Moving on… While many terrible and unexpected things happened during 2016, some amazing things happened as well. I finally accomplished my dream of becoming a published author, debuting with my adult science fiction novel, Machinations, which Amazon has selected as a Best Sci-fi & Fantasy Book of 2016. Its sequel, Counterpart, wasRead More →