Greetings! I’m Hayley, and I suspect you’re here to learn what I’m mentoring for Pitch Wars this year. Yes? Good. Well, come on in, make yourself comfortable… WHOA, NOT THAT COMFORTABLE Nahhh, I’m just kidding. You do you, potential mentee. You do you. Anyway… Welcome to Pitch Wars 2016! All jokes aside, I’m thrilled to be back again this year as a mentor! For a little history of my participation in the contest, I was an alternate mentee in 2014, and volunteered as a mentor in 2015. Both were wonderful, humbling experiences, and I hope to pass on both my editorial wisdom and industry knowledge to my future mentee. Could that person be you?Read More →

Hello, there! And… What’s that? OH SORRY WRONG SPEECH *ahem* Welcome… to Pitch Wars 2015! I’m thrilled to be participating as a mentor this year! My experience as an alternate mentee last year was transformative, and I’m excited to be paying it forward. If you’ve stumbled upon this page by mistake, check out Brenda Drake’s post for rules and info. For the rest of you, I know you’re all eager to know what I’ll be mentoring, so let’s get to it! I’m looking for Adult fiction with strong speculative elements, as well as non-speculative historical fiction. What the former translates to: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Magical Realism, Historical fantasy, Contemporary fantasy, andRead More →

Books are magic. They can transport you instantly from one place to another, introduce you to new people, new cultures, new ideas, and all without the headache (or cost) of a nine-hour flight. Books are awesome. After a while, it’s even easy to start seeing them almost as friends. Books have personality, character. They’re full of intrigue, romance, and complex thoughts. Sometimes, they’re simply a good time in a tight package. (Don’t think too long or hard about that analogy.) My friend, Missy, recently invited me to write a joint blog post with her on the subject of books that travel well, or that make youRead More →

Two of my friends, Sandie and Vanessa, nominated me for the Liebster Award. I’m going to be honest, at first I wasn’t sure what this award constituted. But then I thought to myself, Self, it has “award” in the title so that can only mean good things, right? In reality, the Liebster is a friendly, pay-it-forward type of award that bloggers pass around to other bloggers as a way of helping readers discover new blogs to follow. Pretty neat, huh?Part of what’s involved this time is answering 10 questions, largely related to my current WIP (or work-in-progress, in layman’s terms). Right now, that also happens to be myRead More →

My dear friend, Sandie Docker (whose blog is here, click click!), tagged me in this Seven Sins blog hop because she knows I love talking about books almost as much as I love reading them. So, without further ado…   Greed – What is your most inexpensive book? Well, since acquiring a Kindle, I tend to get quite a few books for free every month. (I am a glutton for free books, y’all). But if we’re talking about physical copy, it would have to be the most recent book I got for about $2 from a book sale in the basement of CSUS’s library. TheRead More →