Books are magic. They can transport you instantly from one place to another, introduce you to new people, new cultures, new ideas, and all without the headache (or cost) of a nine-hour flight. Books are awesome. After a while, it’s even easy to start seeing them almost as friends. Books have personality, character. They’re full of intrigue, romance, and complex thoughts. Sometimes, they’re simply a good time in a tight package. (Don’t think too long or hard about that analogy.) My friend, Missy, recently invited me to write a joint blog post with her on the subject of books that travel well, or that make youRead More →

I’m excited about a lot of things for 2015, one among them being starting a new Goodreads challenge because BOOKS, amirite? This last year, I had the pleasure of reading some really fabulous ones. I’d like to mention them here. Because when you read a great book, it’s good to tell others about it! Then other people read it and soon everyone’s reading great books and the world is a happier place. *rubs face on books* Note: The following books were not strictly books written in 2014, or anything like that, just ones that I read in 2014. You can find my reviews of each onRead More →

So my friend, Taylia, tagged me on Facebook to do the following: Name 10 books that have affected you in some way. Don’t think too long or hard. They should be books that naturally stand out to you. Now, this was supposed to be a quick list to be reposted on FB, but since I have a lot of book feelings, I thought it would make a good blog post. So here we go! 10 Books That Affected Me (in no particular order) 1. The House at Tyneford by Natasha Solomons Some books you read and enjoy so much, you can’t help but want toRead More →