Books are magic. They can transport you instantly from one place to another, introduce you to new people, new cultures, new ideas, and all without the headache (or cost) of a nine-hour flight. Books are awesome. After a while, it’s even easy to start seeing them almost as friends. Books have personality, character. They’re full of intrigue, romance, and complex thoughts. Sometimes, they’re simply a good time in a tight package. (Don’t think too long or hard about that analogy.) My friend, Missy, recently invited me to write a joint blog post with her on the subject of books that travel well, or that make youRead More →

As most of you reading this already know from the way I’ve appended “rep’d by Marlene Stringer” to all my social media bios, I have an agent now!!! I know some have indicated an interest in knowing how this all came to be, so allow me to regale you with the story! But first, backstory! I’ve been writing my entire life. Literally, from the moment I understood I could put words together and make my own stories. My earliest memory of writing was using a program called Paint, Write, and Play. I’m pretty sure my mom still has some of the little stories I made throughRead More →