Editorial Services

For those who want to get their query and/or manuscript agent-ready, I now provide editorial services for Adult and YA (all genres, diversity welcome).

Below you will find a list of services, pricing, and testimonials (in the sidebar). My turnaround times are fast (as quickly as two weeks for certain edits), and if you need to reach me, I am always available on Facebook or via Twitter. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Pricing updated as of 1/6/17



Query Critique – $20

First impressions are important. A well-written query puts your manuscript’s best foot forward, providing you the biggest chance of catching an agent’s attention from the slush pile. For many, however, it can be a daunting task to condense an 80k word novel into only 250-350 words. That’s where I come in! I will work with you to create a query that commands attention. Includes up to 3 reads!

Content Editing – $300 for < 75,000 words (additional 0.008 cents for every word after)

Content Editing includes digging into the meat of your story, helping flesh out your characters, fixing any problem spots, and generally making your plot awesome!

Line Editing – $450 for < 75,000 words (additional 0.010 cents for every word after)

Maybe you are confident in the content of your book (e.g. plot, characterization, etc.), but have some concerns about the style of the writing (e.g. spelling, grammar, voice). I can help you polish your prose until your manuscript shines.

The Whole Shebang – $600 for < 80,000 words (additional 0.014 cents for every word after)

With this, your manuscript gets the royal treatment. Content editing, line editing, and I will also take a look at your query, offering any suggestions on improvement.

À la Carte – $50 for the first 5 pages

Do you have some concerns about the opening of your novel? These can be the most crucial pages in a manuscript, as they must attract and keep an agent’s interest. For a low flat rate, I will take a look at your first 5 pages, offering substantial edits (line + content).

How it Works

For Line Editing, Content Editing, and The Whole Shebang, I provide a two page edit (12pt, Times New Roman, double-spaced), free of charge, before you decide to book with me. If you’re satisfied with the edits and believe we will work well together, I will book your MS. All payments will be upfront through Paypal, and I will give you an expected date of completion. I am also happy to provide updates as I work through a manuscript, if you’re curious to know where I’m at in the story.

Let’s Get Started!

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