Four Questions with SFF Pitch Wars Mentors (Part 3)

To give prospective mentees the chance to get to know us even better, some of the Adult SF/F mentors got together and decided to answer some fun questions! If you haven’t already, go check out Parts I and II of the Q&A over at Dan Koboldt and Michelle Hauck’s blogs!

Note: There are other mentors accepting adult SF/F, so don’t take this as a comprehensive list. The questions are intended to give you some insight, but they’re no substitute for the wishlists linked here:

Question 1: Favorite female SF character?leia

Michelle Hauck: Meg Murry from Wrinkle in Time.

Dan: Zoe Washburne

Holly: Gamora (comics count IMO)

Michelle Hazen: Kady from Illuminae (recent release from Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. Guaranteed to blow your mind.)

Nazarea: Ugh, this one was really hard. Leia feels like a cop out, but I love her. She was a defining character growing up and I loved how she was smart but feminine and never needed to be rescued (even when she was being rescued). She held her own with the boys, and stayed a really brilliant character. Also she was just more likable than Luke.

J.C.: Ellen Ripley

Hayley: Padme Amidala

Michael: Leia. Always Leia.

star wars v trek

Question 2: Favorite star: Wars or Trek?

Michelle Hauck: I love them equally. If they both had an opening night at the same time I’d go for Star Wars.

Dan: Wars, but it’s close.

Holly: AHHHH. Wars.

Michelle Hazen: Wars.

Nazarea: Trek.

Carrie: Star Wars.

E.B.: Can’t pick–I like them both, and I think they’re apples and oranges. 🙂

J.C.: Trek!

Hayley: Wars, of course!

Michael: Wars.

Question 3: Favorite Lord of the Rings Character?

I know Legolas has the bigger consensus here and should get a picture but it's my blog and I do what I want.
I know Legolas and Sam have the most votes here and one of them should get a picture but it’s my blog and I do what I want. #TEAMGONDOR

Michelle Hauck: Eowyn.

Dan: Legolas.

Holly: Aragorn again. Sorry, Lego Legolas.

Michelle Hazen: Legolas. That bow! That horsemanship

Nazarea: Sam. Everyone needs a Sam. He’s the real hero of the story. Merry and Pippin aren’t so bad either, honestly. Oh, and then there–sorry. Um. Sam. I love that kind of deep abiding love for a friend that Sam shows. He’s walking literally into the fires of Mt Doom because his friend needs him to. He knows he’s going to die, and he does it anyway. Because he loves Frodo. God, that kind of relationship is just….everything I love to read.

Carrie: Arwen!

E.B.: Eowyn.

J.C.: Sam.

Hayley: Boromir! Shocking, I know.

Michael: Gimli.

antiheroQuestion 4: Favorite kind of hero — Paladin, Anti-Hero Assassin, Scrappy underdog, Other?

Michelle Hauck: Trickster, joker, liar, and thief. Characters of questionable morals like Matrim Cauthon from Wheel of Time.

Dan: Anti-Hero Assassin or Thief.

Holly: Anti-hero or underdog.

Michelle Hazen: Anti-hero assassin.

Nazarea: Anti-hero (Assassin or otherwise) with an underdog coming in a close second.

Carrie: She who speaks softly and carries a big stick (or, better, a powerful orb).

E.B.: Scrappy underdog.

J.C.: Underdog – the less well suited, the better.

Hayley: Snarky scoundrel with a heart of gold.

Michael: Anti-hero.

That’s it for today!

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