2016 Award Eligibility Post, or It’s the End of the World As We Know It and I Feel Cloned

Here we are, folks.

You, me, the end of the world.

I mean, the end of December. (God, I hope I only mean December, although after the year we’ve been having, who knows, right?) Ahaha, nothing like a little dark humor to start off this eligibility post and keep the existential dread of the future away, amirite?

Moving on…

While many terrible and unexpected things happened during 2016, some amazing things happened as well. I finally accomplished my dream of becoming a published author, debuting with my adult science fiction novel, Machinations, which Amazon has selected as a Best Sci-fi & Fantasy Book of 2016. Its sequel, Counterpart, was also selected for a Best Book of the Month by Amazon for October.

Both books tell the continued story of a woman struggling to make sense of her new life as a clone in post-apocalyptic Alaska while attempting to also lead a tired resistance against the machines that murdered her progenitor and who remain intent on wiping out the rest of humanity.

In terms of award eligibility, here is an overview:


Debut novel

July, 2016/ Hydra, Random House

Eligible for the Hugo, Nebula, and Locus awards

“Perfect for fans of Robopocalypse, this action-packed science-fiction debut introduces a chilling future and an unforgettable heroine with a powerful role to play in the battle for humanity’s survival.

The machines have risen, but not out of malice. They were simply following a command: to stop the endless wars that have plagued the world throughout history. Their solution was perfectly logical. To end the fighting, they decided to end the human race.

A potent symbol of the resistance, Rhona Long has served on the front lines of the conflict since the first Machinations began—until she is killed during a rescue mission gone wrong. Now Rhona awakens to find herself transported to a new body, complete with her DNA, her personality, even her memories. She is a clone . . . of herself.

Trapped in the shadow of the life she once knew, the reincarnated Rhona must find her place among old friends and newfound enemies—and quickly. For the machines are inching closer to exterminating humans for good. And only Rhona, whoever she is now, can save them.”



October, 2016/ Hydra, Random House

Eligible for the Hugo, Nebula, and Locus awards

“The high-intensity sci-fi thriller series that began with Machinations continues as reincarnated insurgent Rhona Long faces off against the one enemy she can’t outwit: her own clone.

The machines believed their extermination of the human race would be over as quickly as it began. They were wrong. As the war against extinction intensifies, people are beginning to gain the upper hand.

Commander Rhona Long understands survival better than most. Killed in combat, she was brought back to life using her DNA, and she’s forged a new, even more powerful identity. Now the leader of the resistance, she’s determined to ensure the machines are shut down for good.

But victory is elusive. The machines have a new technology designed to overcome humanity’s most advanced weaponry. Despite Rhona’s peacekeeping efforts, former nations are feuding over resources as old power struggles resurface. Worse, someone inside the resistance is sabotaging the human cause—someone who, from all appearances, seems to be Rhona . . . or her exact replica.”

And while I have you…

Here are a few others deserving of award recognition this year:

Alyssa Wong for “Rabbit Heart,” from Fireside Fiction, October 2016 (Short Fiction)

Kameron Hurley for The Geek Feminist Revolution, from Tor, May 2016 (Related Work)

Sylvain Neuvel for Sleeping GiantsDel ReyApril 2016 (Novel)

Anne Groell (Best Editor, Long Form), A Night Without StarsMachinationsCounterpartLeague of Dragons, etc.

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